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Opera & Rap meet Dance in this new hot summer dance hit Dance of the Euro Diva

"Following last years critically acclaimed album Très BROADWAY -which hit and held the #1 spot on the Broadway radio charts for several weeks- British beauty Très Hanley-Millman is back, but this time with a whole new sound. This go round she's mixing it up with a new hot Asian-American rapper named BURCH. The singled name artist co-produced and penned the lyrics to French film composer Eric Serra's monster music beat. Collectively they to bring the dance world an international, innovative yet eccentric mix that makes you want to move in DANCE OF THE EURO DIVA...Miss Hanley-Millman's voice is soaring and glorious...who knew classical singing could be fun & funky too!" -Club Radio Europe

The 2007 European dance mix hit was originally composed by Éric Serra and featured in the film The Fifth Element as “The Diva Dance”. The single and club mix DANCE OF THE EURO DIVA was a collaboration with BURCH, who is also featured on Tres’ 2007 album EURO DIVA

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Featured on "Dance of the Euro Diva"
His love affair with music began in 9th grade when he sat in on a rehearsal of his high school string ensemble. Since then, he's picked up 6 different instruments and has been a part of 12 different music groups. Stylistically, he quickly expanded to jazz, big band, Broadway, pop, R&B, and hip hop; his wide range of influences is evident in his work. Burch majored in music and human biology at Stanford University and was a classmate of Chelsea Clinton. As well as being a arranger and vocalist, Burch is also an actor who has been featured in several TV shows and commercials. He just completed his latest song and video