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An autobiographical song cycle

“…a hidden treasure. It is a relentlessly tempestuous yet poignantly beautiful orchestral tour de force.” -JAM SPHERE

"Songs such as "Music of Goodbye", "Moonfall" and perhaps the most beautiful offering on the album a medley of "On My Way to You/You and I", Showcase her vocal chops and knack for lyric interpretation. She makes you feel." -INDIE MUSIC MAGAZINE

'For theatrical mavens, impresarios, lovers of all things from Barbra to Brightman… “ - SOUNDLOOKS

“I was instantly fascinated by this work, which blended kineticism with intensive and beautiful lyricism” -VIDEO MUSIC STARS

“Her performance on each song is emotionally charged. The elements and orchestrations by Daniel Moctezuma are so well integrated; they have an organic consistency that it transports us on a journey.” -THE INDEPENDENT MUSIC REVIEW

“Some standout pieces are Miss Hanley’s exquisite crystalline soprano in the eerie track “Moonfall” and the eroticism of “Music of Goodbye… Daniel Moctezuma gets a nod here for composing both “Anthemoessa” and the title track. Mr. Moctezuma is one of the composers you’ll want to watch in the world of soundtracks. His prowess for orchestration is nothing short of spectacular, and combined with Miss Hanley-Millman’s vocals, is purely intrepid. You will feel like you’re escaping into a movie, a movement of sound, and a sonic boom of cool” -SELL OUT RECORDS online

“The album showcases Miss Hanley-Millman’s versatility as an artist as well as her huge dynamic range.” -REVIEW INDIE


Opera & Rap meet Dance in this new hot summer dance hit Dance of the Euro Diva

"Following last years critically acclaimed album Très BROADWAY -which hit and held the #1 spot on the Broadway radio charts for several weeks- British beauty Très Hanley-Millman is back, but this time with a whole new sound. This go round she's mixing it up with a new hot Asian-American rapper named BURCH. The singled name artist co-produced and penned the lyrics to French film composer Eric Serra's monster music beat. Collectively they to bring the dance world an international, innovative yet eccentric mix that makes you want to move in DANCE OF THE EURO DIVA...Miss Hanley-Millman's voice is soaring and glorious...who knew classical singing could be fun & funky too!" -Club Radio Europe


Très Broadway - Très Hanley Millman

Très Chic 

Though Très Hanley is known first and foremost as a “sit-com” actress in the U.K., Très’ work is truly international and spans the entire entertainment field. From Opera to Broadway she shines with a special light that only a few mortals attain. In her newest effort "Très Broadway" she proves she has what it takes to compete with the best and brightest on Broadway. We are looking forward to the London West End musical, "Zipp!" to make a transfer to New York since it will feature the talents of this fantastic performer. On "Très Broadway" we encounter Très in many moods from the sad and sentimental ballad dedicated to her Mother "Mama a Rainbow" from Minnie’s Boys; to the powerful performance of “Show Me” (My Fair Lady which features Broadway’s Jeffry Denman) and the excitement of her soaring vocals and emotion on "In His Eyes" from Jekyll & Hyde. We are very excited to be able to recommend this album of 14 beautiful Broadway songs from the extraordinarily talented Très Hanley. -Tom Hoey, Platinum Broadway Radio

Très Broadway: Songs from the Stage, the debut album from Très Hanley-Millman, gives listeners not only what they expect from a solo recording of Broadway songs but also some surprises they might not expect. While Hanley-Millman is best known for her TV work in Britain, she is a singer by training and has always performed in musicals and concerts. Her acting experience definitely shows in songs like “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and “Show Me” where her renditions have a real dramatic flair. This style might be initially off-putting to those accustomed to standard Broadway versions of songs, but I found myself growing more and more fond of Hanley-Millman’s approach with each listen. These two theatre classics are joined by several other tracks that frequent albums like this, “Children Will Listen”, “In His Eyes”, “Summertime”, and “For Good.” All are solid and have an operatic quality that distinguishes them from many other solo versions. My favorite tracks on the album are lesser-known songs like “Is It Really Me” from 110 in the Shade and “Mama a Rainbow” from Minnie’s Boys. Both are real gems that Très is likely bringing to many listeners for the first time. Her performances do what any great solo album should do for a theatre song – make the listener want to hear the whole show. -Zack Bigner, Maximum Broadway Radio

While listening to “Très Broadway: Songs from the Stage”, the debut album of Très Hanley-Millman, there was one question which kept repeating itself in my mind – why have we not been able to see and hear this phenomenal talent on Broadway? Well she’s been in England! Fortunately, we hopefully will not have to wait too much longer, as she is scheduled to perform in the transfer of the West End musical “Zipp!” in New York for the new season. The songs of Très Broadway highlight this artist’s dramatic range and tremendous vocal ability. This is a CD that keeps improving with every listen, a CD that allows the listener to discover new and exciting components of a wide range of show tunes with each listening experience. Her powerful  ‘solo’ rendition of the well know duet “In His Eyes” from Jekyll and Hyde captures the essence of that song as a stand alone number but also in the context of the show. Many times, artists who create solo albums perform show tunes in a manner which defies the listener to associate the songs with their musical. As I listened to “In His Eyes”, I found myself reliving the show and wanting to see the show again- but this time with Très in it. As you listen to other tracks, be it the powerful ones such as “Children Will Listen” and “Don’t Rain on My Parade” or the fun, upbeat make you smile numbers, such as “Shy” and “Cinderella” see if you don’t experience the sense of being surrounded and consumed by the entire Broadway experience. The songs from this CD have been consistently voted in the top ten by the listeners on “Simply Show Tunes” at When a problem with caused a disruption in service in July, more of my listeners requested “Très Broadway” to be immediately added back to the play list, more than any other artist or album. Buy the CD and experience show tunes as they were meant to be. I am confident that you will find your own favorites… …Now, when do tickets go on sale for “Zipp!”? -Jeff Lusenhop, Simply Show Tunes @

A British actress who has crossed the waters and made quite a splash with her debut album. Très has a warm sound, a rich, versatile voice with range and power. Three cheers for the selection of songs, a good mix of Broadway decades and styles without being the usual suspects. Très' operatic sound is well served by "And This Is My Beloved" (Kismet) and "Summertime" from Porgy And Bess, the oldest show sampled. Her high note at the very end of "In His Eyes" (Jekyll And Hyde) is really something. But the real musical comedy stuff is best of all. She captures a lot of joy and character in a medley from the TV musical Cinderella. There's the sound of a cow mooing as Très refers to Cinderella's fantasy of being a milkmaid, but she also nicely milks the humor in Oscar Hammerstein's lyrics and relishes the solid architecture of Richard Rodgers' music. Mary Rodgers' melody for "Shy" from Once Upon A MatTrèss gets an enthusiastic ride, too, and Très similarly bites into Marshall Barer's delicious character lyric. Wicked fans will sit up and take notice that "For Good" concludes this enjoyable CD, with the singer joined vocally by the single-named Burch, who is keyboardist, arranger, conductor and producer. "For Good" sounds good for sure and we need more singers to record songs from the newer shows. From Bye Bye Birdie comes "How Lovely To Be A Woman," and it's a sweet choice. Though written for a 15-year-old character, Très has a field day doing it in a more knowing, grown-up way. She has performed the lead in My Fair Lady so it's not surprising that she sounds most comfortable with "Show Me" and it's the most detailed, fully realized characterization here. I like her bursts of rage and mocking her suitor. These moments allow her to use different tricks in her vocal bag for maximum effect. And what is a Broadway collection without a bit of Stephen Sondheim? Très chooses "Children Will Listen," which might be a little too close for comfort to Barbra Streisand's version, but it's not the first or last time that influence will show up on a debut album. This one is an impressive first-time-at-bat solo album with some home runs. Très has two more albums scheduled for release this year, including one which apparently will be purely classical. -Rob Lester, Talkin' Broadway

Another disc that I've developed quite a fondness for is "Très Broadway" which features a singer that I hope we get to know more in this country, Très Hanley-Millman. She's a British performer and on this disc you'll find her delivering a wide array of music from "How Lovely to Be A Woman" from "Bye Bye Birdie" to "For Good" from "Wicked." Très has a wonderfully rich and mercurial voice that is strong when she's hitting operatic highs or simply belting out a song. I think my favorite on here is a little rarity from "Minnie's Boys" – "Mama, A Rainbow." -Andy Propst -American TheaterWeb

Très Hanley-Millman's Broadway tribute, "Très Broadway - Songs from the Stage," is lovely. The performer has a sweet and pliable voice that goes from a formal sound in such Broadway stalwarts as "Funny Girl's" "Don't Rain On My Parade," "My Fair Lady's" "Show Me" and a touching medley from "Cinderella" to more a more fun and relaxed voice with noticeable inflections of humor in "Bye Bye Birdie's" "How Lovely To Be A Woman" or "Once Upon a MatTrèss'" "Shy." She picks some unusual songs and then does them beautifully like "Mama A Rainbow" from "Minnie's Boys" or "Is It Really Me" from "110 in the Shade." She handles the old classics well and she also does equally well with Sondheim creations, "For Good" from "Wicked" and "Jekyll & Hyde's" "In His Eyes." For show music lovers, the 14 tracks are a joy to listen to and the diversity of her selections makes this CD a gem for a Broadway solo tribute. Grade: A ~Chris Curcio, Curtain Up Phoenix

Très Broadway-Songs from The Stage-primo album della splendida Très Hanley-Millman e' uno straordinario tributo al teatro musicale di 14 brani, 14 pietre miliari che ripercorrono la storia di Broadway dagli anni d'oro di George Gershwin fino ai giorni nostri. Très,nota attrice tv in Inghilterra, attrice di cinema, performer teatrale ( ha al suo attivo tra gli altri i ruoli principali in My Fair Lady, Camelot, The Fantasticks, The Beggar’s Opera e ha in cantiere un nuovo musical che debuttera' a Broadway nella prossima stagione) e' nata come cantante (alla scuola di Leonard Bernstein) ed e' una grande cantante. Dotata di una meravigliosa voce dall'incredibile estensione che le permette di poter arrivare a qualsiasi nota, grandissima interprete, in questo album mette in evidenza tutto il suo straordinario talento. Nelle splendide versione versioni operettistiche di "And This Is My Beloved" e "Summertime" la sua voce tocca il cielo e i nostri cuori, che vengono nuovamente toccat! i quando con tono drammatico e sentimentale canta Mama a Rainbow, "Children Will Listen", "In His Eyes" e "Is It Really Me". Poi si fa dolcissima e deliziosa e ci fa innamorare con "How To Be Lovely a Woman" e "Shy". Un mix delle sue straordinarie capacita' sono "Half a Moment" e "How Could Ever Moment" dove la sua voce passa da dolce ad operettistica. Divertente e divertita è in "Cinderella Medley", forte e potente invece in "Show Me" e "Don't Rain My Parade". Semplicemente splendida la sua versione di "For Good" tratta dal recente Wicked. Strepitosi infine gli arrangiamenti orchestrali. Un album che si fa amare sin dal primo ascolto e che dovrebbe essere nella collezione di tutti. Nella mia c'e' gia'.

-Stephano Salomone, - Italia


Très Broadway-songs from the stage, the first album by the splendid Très Hanley is an extraordinary tribute to the musical theatre. Fourteen songs, fourteen milestones that retrace the history of Broadway from Gershwin to the present. Très, noted acTrèss in U.K (she has starred in musicals including The Fantasticks, My Fair Lady, Camelot and The Beggar’s Opera), And has performed under the great Leonard Bernstein. She is expected to do the London West End musical ZIPP next year in NY. With a gift of an amazing voice, and extraordinary range that it allows to touch every note, she is a great interpreter of songs. In the wonderful operatic version of 'And This Is My Beloved' and 'Summertime' her voice touches the sky and our hearts. In 'Mama a Rainbow', 'Children will Listen', 'Is it Really Me' and 'In His Eyes' she is sentimental yet dramatic. Then she enchants sweetly with 'How to be lovely a Woman' and 'Shy'. Strong performances also are 'Half a Moment' and 'How Could Ever Know', 'Show Me' and 'Don't Rain My Parade'. Amusing (and amused) in her 'Cinderella Medley.' And in her last song she is splendid 'For Good' from the new musical Wicked. The orchestral arrangements are stunningly beautiful. An album that you will love from the first time your hear it. I suggest everyone add it to their collection. It’s already in mine!

-Stephano Salomone, - Italy

*Très' version of CHILDREN WILL LISTEN held the #1 spot on Italy's "Radio Musical Online" Network for 5 weeks! Grazie Italia!

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